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I am a freelance software developer and web designer. I'm primarily working in C# and .NET these days. Take a look at my selected portfolio here, or head over to my GitHub to see all my projects. Feel free to reach out if you like what you see and would like to discuss a project!

  • Simplang is a simple and lightweight, dynamically-typed interpreted scripting language meant to teach the basic concepts of logic and control-flow to beginning programmers

  • Giganum is a C library allowing for arithmetic operations on integers of an arbitrary size, unconstrained by the size limitations of standard number types.

  • Splitloader is a simple app that automates the processes of concatenating split video files and uploading them to Youtube.

  • Netsend is a cross-platform clone of Apple's AirDrop, written in .NET. It's meant as an exercise for me to learn .NET in the context of a more complex project.

  • The source code for this site. Demonstrates a more complex example of what can be built on the Shttr/Bootstrap stack by utilizing many of the deeper features provided by Shttr. It also features a fluid and responsive SPA UX built with Turbo.

  • The Private Events project from The Odin Project Ruby on Rails track. This project demonstrates modeling a many-to-many relationship using through tables, as well as different foreign key and class names. It also uses Turbo Frames to create an SPA-like UI without relying on frameworks like React.

  • A full backend web framework built using shell scripts on a CGI enabled server. It sits somewhere between the simplicity of a static site generator and the complexity of a fully-featured framework such as Rails. It's the framework that this site is running on right now!

  • An on-demand video streaming service for IPAK-EDU courses. Written with Rails, using Bootstrap as the frontend framework and PostgreSQL as the database. This is the modern successor to the IPAK EDU Legacy app I'd build previously.

  • Lenovo Thinkpad x230 Laptops with coreboot preinstalled. One of the first websites I ever created, but it demonstrates a pure CSS design, Stripe payments on a mostly-static site, and a functioning blog.sh installation.

  • A very early piece of software I wrote as a CGI based blogging framework with auto-generated RSS feeds. It's not very elegant or intuitive to use, but it's sort of a spiritual predecessor to Shell on the Shttr.